Our region, in the hart of the "Land of Herve", is also near the "Ardenne Bleue" and the "Three Borders"....

Less than 5 km: Cistercian Abbey of Val Dieu (conservatory park and brewery), Battice fort, l'Espaces des Saveurs at the tourism information service of Herve and its swimming pool.

The RAVEL network between Liège (20 km) and Hombourg (10km).

Between 5 and 10 km : 2 of the most beautifal villages in Belgium : Olne and Clermont-sur-Berwinne. Henri-Chapelle American cemetery, visit of an artisanal syrup maker and/of a cheese maker(on Saturday). Aubel and its market on Sunday and fish in Fouron-Saint-Pierre. Blegny-Mine (UNESCO).

Between 10 and 15 km: Hombourg Brewery. The Three Borders and the Baudoin Tower. Verviers and its wool museum. Limburg : former capital of the Duche of Limburg. The Mines of Plombières. The domain of Wégimont

Between 15 and 25 km: Spa « The Pearl of the Ardennes » (Thermal activities), Castle of Franchimont, the Dams in Gileppe and Eupen.

Visé and the Montagne Saint-Pierre.... Chaudfontaine(Thermal activities)....Liège....Maastricht.....

Between 25 and 40km : Aix-la Chapelle, Malmedy, Stavelot (Coo), les Hautes Fagnes etc...

Local specialities : Syrup (100% apples and pears), the cider, beer from Val-Dieu and Hombourg, the lev'gos (a sweet sausage), and of course the famous Herve cheese, the only PDO Belgian cheese!

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